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To “Think” or not to “Think”... It’s up to you!

Did you know that you are living in a thought-world? If you stop and ponder that statement you will uncover something very powerful and transformative... Just look around. Every “thing” that you can see and touch, before it was a physical-form-reality, was preceded by a thought-form-reality. The high rise towers in picture that accompanies this post for example, the apartment buildings, strip malls, roads, autos, stoplights - every "thing", was first an idea, a thought inside someone’s mind. A vision of something yet to be manifested in physical-form-reality... Understanding how to manifest a thought-form-reality in physical-form is a critical component of goal achievement. This is because a goal, when initially conceived in one’s mind, is a thought-form-reality, an idea, a vision...

Once the goal is achieved the thought-form-reality has been “manifested in physical-form”. It is 100% complete! Now let’s think about the present reality of your life which exists in 8 dimensions. The dimensions are: 1. Spiritual 2. Fitness and Health 3. Self Improvement (Academic/Personal Development) 4. Relationships 5. Vocation (Work/Career/Business) 6. Financial 7. Lifestyle 8. Re-Creation (stepping into meta-context)  Take a moment to pause right now, grab a pen and piece of paper, and for each dimension, jot down a few sentences to describe what perfection would look like. Feel the struggle?  You can do it!  Just force your mind to answer the question - If there were no constraints, what would my perfect reality be?  For Relationships, pick the top three most important people in your life - spouse/partner, parent, child, best friend - and describe perfection for each. Do this now.  Do not proceed until this has been finished! 

---------------------------------------------- Now, with these 8 word pictures on paper, take a moment to rate your current level of satisfaction with your present reality in each dimension against the picture of perfection you just described. Use a scale of 1-5, with 5 being when your present reality exactly matches the word picture of perfection, and 1 being when your present reality couldn’t be further away from your vision of perfection. Ha! Now you know what it feels like to “think” about your life. Sustained, consecutive thought is the hardest thing for a person to do, especially in today's mobile, digital world.  But now you are armed with a picture of where to focus your goal-setting attention to shape your future reality in the form that will make your life-experience richer and more satisfying. All that is left is to learn how to move from thought-form-reality to physical-form-reality. I’ll be talking about that on an upcoming free webinar, so if you want to be sure you don’t miss it, scroll down and join my Life Transformation Through Goal Achievement Tribe... We are on the move! 

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