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Life is Meant to be Lived!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Why not start living yours today?

Living is an “action” word! Sometimes we say “the act of living”. Life, by its very definition, means growth, development. To truly live one must grow, become, actualize, unfold…

Think of it this way, a rose is in constant pursuit of expression, and it reaches its height of fulfillment just before it’s cycle of life comes to a close. It is precisely because it has life in it that it is in relentless pursuit of its fullest expression of that life. It can do nothing less.

And so it should be with each one of us. We should reach the height of our fulfillment just before our life comes to a close. But sadly, most of us allow the bad programming of life’s early years to stifle or stunt our growth. As it has been said of many, they “die on the vine” never reaching full unfoldment like the mature rose in full bloom! Can I ask you a question? Do you feel like that is happening to you?

Hmmm, but exactly what am I saying? Just that every current moment of your life - the now - should represent a high point in your pursuit of full unfoldment, imbued with a sense of progress… Even the moments of loss and sadness can yield that treasure if you reframe them. By so doing you will see that they can be part of your development to the next level. There are numerous examples of this.

At any moment you can choose to awaken to the truth about your potential to manifest your full beauty in the image of the rose in full blossom. That truth is simply this - you can achieve whatever your vision and passion can clearly illuminate then capture in the form of a series of hand written goals (statements of what by when - a specific future month, day, year). To express this vision is to frame your journey to the future reality of your choosing.

I call this “Life Vision”. Life vision (casting) is best framed in 8 Areas of Life:

1. Spiritual,

2. Fitness and Health,

3. Self-Improvement,

4. Relationships,

5. Vocation (work/career/business - the exchange of your life/time for money),

6. Financial (the exchange of money for money),

7. Lifestyle,

8. Re-creation.

A vision for your life gives meaning to each day. It brings a smile to your face and purpose to your actions. It “draws and pulls" you forward, expectantly to your future. It helps you face fear and overcome obstacles. It amplifies your creativity and brings meaning to your pursuit of health, wellness, fitness, and education.

There is so much to unpack here. But this blog post is not the place to do it. If you want to learn more then go to the Events link on this page and sign up for one of my free upcoming “Life is Meant to Be Lived” webinars.

In closing I will add this thought… there will always be forces of opposition to your intentional pursuit of full expression of your clearly defined Life Vision, barriers to overcome or work around.

Just think of what the rose bush has to endure to reach full expression - weather, drought, insects… That is actually a good thing because opposition, resistance forces you to become stronger, to focus, become creative and innovative. It tests your commitment to your vision and makes the journey more interesting and less boring, lol. How is that for an example of reframing!

Yep, that's me today... I have 7 years to age 70, and that's a fact! I can confidently say that I am living - creating and manifesting - my life vision every single day. That IS life to me!

The biggest things that I will achieve in full self-expression before my life comes to a close, are yet to be expressed, and are drawing me forward with positive energy, vigor, and expectancy. They will benefit from the big goals that I have achieved already which have shaped my reality at this very moment. And oh by the way, the barriers and obstacles have been huge!

I hope to see you soon at one of my upcoming events! A great place to start is with my new 60 minute webinar of the same title as this post!

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