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Welcome to my virtual home here on the net!  I am truly glad you stopped in. Below you will hear from several of my alumni clients whose lives have been changed through our work together. I have been blessed to have led an amazing life in all eight areas - 1) Spiritual, 2) Fitness & Health, 3) Self Improvement, 4) Relationships, 5) Vocation,

6) Financial, 7) Lifestyle, 8) Re-Creation.  I am honored to share the methods that I have uncovered with others to help them do the same! You see, what I want for myself, I want for everyone! I love people and helping them get where they want to go in life, to create the life they dream of living, to help them engineer their own happiness - from the inside out. My clients have ranged in age from 15 to 70. It's never too late to grow!


Feel free to explore what I offer and let me know how I can help you! Let the voices below speak to your soul...

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Alumni Client Voices

"Meeting Mark Johnson Changed my life. He put things in perspective that you know but you don’t face the truth. Truth is you can make things happen through discipline, goal setting and planning day by day. Use your time purposefully. You CAN!" - Sandra


"Breaking out of your Box opened my mind to a new way of thinking and tackling the voice in my head.  The program will give you the tools and perspective to make change you seek!" - Malcolm 


"In the past, my needs and dreams remained the last items on my to-do list. Working with Mark opened my eyes. I shifted the way I spoke to, and about myself and gave myself permission to push my boundaries. As a result, I now have a system for living a full life. If you are ready to discover your true abilities and your next opportunity, working with Mark is a must." - Erna 


"When I joined the program, I had always dreamed of becoming a Real Estate Investor.  At that point, I did not own any properties.  Within a month of joining, I had 4 rental units.  Less than 5 years later and I control well over $1M in properties. Life Transformation!" - Herb 

"This program truly transformed my life.  I operate from a much different mindset that is more positive upbeat and joyous.   I’ve learned to push through my fears and to chase after big goals.  Setting and taking the action steps necessary to propel me forward.  It’s a kind of freedom that I never thought possible and now I live it!  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is feeling stuck and looking for the tools to get unstuck, move forward, and take action!" - Mike


"My mentorship program with Mark was very rewarding! He shaped me into a better version of myself. I have learnt the power of visualization from him (as the ancient Sanskrit adage goes "yedh bhavam tadh bhavathi" As you think - So you are!). More than anything he continues remain a confidant and advocate" - Sateesh

"Thanks to Mark for molding me into the independent businesswoman, daughter, friend, sister, and now girlfriend I am meant to be!! The coaching was transformational in many ways!" - Yarelys

"I was just thinking of you.  Been going through my box as it was almost 10 years ago that we started putting this stuff together. Amazing how things have come to pass!" - Tim

And now if you are ready to get started on a journey of life transformation for yourself, click here and view - Invest Your Time and Make Your Life Amazing!  (45 minute recorded webinar). 

Let's Connect

Have questions?  Drop me an email or message me at using the form below. I want to here from you! 

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