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Be Fruitful and Multiply... In other words, Set and Achieve Life Transforming Goals!

“Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.” This is the first command given by God to man. Before giving this command, in fact before even creating man, God created an unlimited abundance of everything that man would require to fulfill and sustain this command, everything necessary for man to live a rich life by creating more abundance after His pattern! In God's economy there could be a shortage of no thing! For shortage and lack of any thing would undermine the very essence of man’s ability to comply with God‘s unbounded command. In other words, God would have set man up for failure. Have the rains ever failed? The sun? The seasons? Have the fruit trees ever ceased to produce in abundance? No! In order to fulfill God’s first command, man must consume the things necessary for the multiplication of life and the fulfilling of God‘s command to fill the earth and subdue it. When things multiply, they “become more” in number, they increase. As man multiplies, the consumption of things necessary to sustain this “becoming more” also multiplies, or increases. Because there is an abundant supply of every thing, this increased demand is easily met. In order to avoid chaos and confusion, all created things (things with life and intelligence to “reproduce”) must also multiply in obedience to God’s command! Intelligence, harmony, synchronicity in and through all created things! Now let’s talk about money... Money is nothing more than an alternative representation of the physical abundance that God created before creating man, and the things that man has created in response to God’s commandment to be fruitful and multiply. Therefore, money is just a medium of exchange, a representation of the value of something else of material substance. The amount of money required to represent a given quantity of some thing of substance, such as a bag of apples, will vary. As apples exist in unlimited abundance, money must also exist in an equivalent amount to represent their value. From this we can deduce that if apples grow on trees, so also must money! Wow! Let that sink in for a minute... its ramifications are far reaching. You, value, and money... “Abundance” is a fundamental principal that most people fail to grasp. Instead, about 99% of the world’s population lives with a “SCARCITY” mentality (believing False Evidence Appearing Real.) They believe or translate the "appearance" of scarcity into scarcity. They conclude that it is a fact that there is a scarce supply of the thing that appears to be scarce. They live in FEAR - choosing to believe based on “appearances of scarcity”, there is not enough of the thing for everyone to have enough: - to do what they want to do, - have what they want to have, - be what they want to be, - experience what they want to experience. This is simply not true. It’s a lie, the invention of man, in direct opposition and conflict with the creation of God. Everything that has been created by man (everything that is in-organic, or not “alive”) is the physical manifestation of a thought that someone had. An idea, refined, shared, developed, - priced to reflect its VALUE, then launched as some sort of business enterprise. Like the airplane, cell phone, automobile, Facebook, Twitter, First Internet Bank, Uber, AirBnB, even my “Life Transformation Through Goal Achievement” One-on-One Coaching Program. Once the value of a thing is established, the money necessary to create and launch it will appear. The task then, is to first determine the value of the idea at launch, then communicate it so that the money required to enable its creation can appear. Let me give you a concrete example. In 1993 I decided to start a publishing and consulting business. I had never published a thing in my life.  But that didn't stop me from deciding to publish a 4-page newsletter on the subject and building enterprise data warehouses. At the time, I was a $70,000-a-year Middle Manager in IT at US West Communications in Denver, Colorado. The new business was going to create a 4-page newsletter on the emerging field of data warehousing and business intelligence, and launch my career as a consultant in the industry - designing and building these solutions. Once I wrote my ideas down on paper in copious detail, designing all aspects of what the newsletter would contain and listing the types of consulting services I would provide, I set out to determine how much money I would need in order to leave my job and start the business. This is the result of that analysis... If I could find a contract that would pay me $70,000 within 90 days and I could come up with $2,000 to invest in start-up costs for my business (incorporation fees, a laser printer, office supplies and the like), I could launch the business. I reasoned that the worse case scenario would be that the contract didn’t renew after 90 days, leaving me with 9 months to either find another contract or job.

Then I asked myself two important questions:

1. Have I ever looked for a job and not found one? No!

2. When I found a job was it better than my last job? Yes! Conclusion... everytime I look I find, and everytime I find it’s better. That’s a 100% success track record! I felt the FEAR, overcame it, quit my job, and launched InER-G Solutions Ltd. With one paycheck - $2,000 and a 90-day contract worth $70,000 (which attracted itself to me directly from the universe - OSF - more about OSF in a subsequent post), I quit my job and launched InER-G Solutions, LTD on February 14, 1994. And here’s what happened: 1. At the end of 1994, I had earned $246,000 -  more than 3 times what I earned the year before.

2. I had a business employing 3 people.

3. My 90-day contract - which was at Coors Brewing Company - extended until the end of the year.

4. I landed 2 additional clients.

5. I began speaking on the lecture circuit, which generated more business.

6. I launched "Inside Decisions" as a 36-page glossy business journal that was distributed globally by AT&T.

7. I moved the business out of my basement into an office space.

8. I became a world traveller, achieving another one of my goals. In 1995, the business grossed $669,000. More than double 1994. In 1996 the business went international and grossed $1.8 million. In 1997 we grossed $2.25 million and we were selected by one of our clients - Sears Roebuck and Company (that year Sears grossed just under 40 billion and was in the fortune 100) - as the number 1 most strategic supplier partner that year, out of 10,000 suppliers. In 1998 we grossed $4 million.  This story illustrates the difference between operating in the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) zone, and operating in the CCC (3C’s - Courage, Certainty, Confidence) zone. Exchange Courage for Fear. Exchange Certainty for Uncertainty. Exchange Confidence for Doubt. These simple adjustments will supercharge your goal achievement engine, guaranteed! I hope this post has helped you understand a few fundamental natural laws and principles of Goal Achievement. They are summarized here: 1. The law of Abundance 2. The law of Value 3. What Money really is, and where it comes from (trees) 4. The law of False Evidence Appearing Real - F.E.A.R.  5. The principle of the 3C’s... Find out how you can learn more about this truth and supercharge your “Life Transformation through Goal (LTG)” Achievement engine to set and achieve the LTG’s that will shape your reality into the form of your dreams. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page and join my “Life Transformation Tribe.” Feel free to ask any questions that this post may have generated. I love hearing from my readers! I’ll add you to my mailing list and you will be notified of the next FREE Breaking Out of Your 📦 Webinar! Once notified, register and attend! You see, if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done!    

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