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No, I don’t know...

Anytime you hear someone say - “I’m sure you will agree with me that... or “I know you know that... - prepare to have your mind infected by what comes out of their mouth next!

This is an example of a mind virus, a meme - broken thinking or reasoning (fake information) that mascerades as truth that it is assumed you should already know, agree with, and believe. Even if you don’t agree, if you shake your head acknowledging alignment, you have just completed the infection cycle - you’ve let the virus in!

Here’s an example, “I know you know, most start up businesses fail in the first year!” If you acknowledge and ascent to this statement, even if in your mind you don’t believe it, it will begin its insidious work to amply it’s effectiveness in stopping you from ever starting a business of your own.

In order to avoid infection you must be on-gaurd, like the anti-virus program that runs in the background on your computer watching, standing gaurd ready to trap and expel any virus attempting to infect its memory.

You’ll know your anti-virus is doing its job when you catch the incoming virus and respond, “No, I don’t know that... In fact, I know just the opposite! Just look around on this street. Every business you see is a start up business that didn’t fail!”

You see, your mind IS a computer. It runs programs and produces output. The output it produces is the reality of your daily life experience. Here’s where it gets deep... if when you look at your present reality and you don’t like some aspect of it, you must realize that your words, your programming, are responsible for creating and sustaining it. Further, if you want to change your reality, the output of your thinking / programming, you must first change the programming that runs on the computer of your mind...

The real question is who is the programmer and how can you reprogram your thinking to output the reality you desire? Hmmmm... that will be have to be the subject of an upcoming post! In the meantime, send me a message using the template at the bottom of this post if you want further clarification on this topic. I want to hear from you!

To share your reaction, and to find out how you can learn more about this truth and supercharge your LIfe Transformation Goal (LTG) Achievement engine to set and achieve the LTGs that will shape your reality into the form of your dreams, scroll to the bottom of this page and join my “Life Transformation Tribe”. I’ll add you to my mailing list and you will be notified of the next FREE Breaking Out of Your 📦 Webinar! Once notified, register and attend! You see, if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done!

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