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There is Urgency!

The vast majority of the American population lives ignorant of the factual reality that their days are numbered 😳, and that “forever” is a code word for the phrase, “Until I die”. In addition, tomorrow’s not promised to anyone...

King James Version: “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

Think about it, if you add 100 to your birthyear, you will find the exact date on the calendar by which it is 99.99% certain that you will be dead, mort! Sobering, isn’t it?  It should be empowering!  It’s even more sobering if you look at the CDC’s statistical projection of life expectancy. For example, if you were born in 1960 - all races, both sexes - your life expectancy is 69.7 years! See for yourself. Let’s use me as case study. I was born May 25th, 1958. This month I turn 60 on the 25th 😳. My oldest deceased realitive that I am aware of died at age 92. My Mother died at 86. My father died at 76. I’m 60. You get the picture! My Era is from 1958 to 2058. That’s it! It’s now 2018 😳. What’s your Era? Life Transforming News Flash: If I live to age 100 I have a maximum of 40 years remaining to live. But in terms of vital and productive years I probably have fewer, like between 15 and 20 years! That translates to sometime between 2033 - 2038 on God’s timeline, which, if you haven’t noticed, only marches forward and at an increasingly faster pace every year (more about that in a future Post). Wow! What matters to me is not the past, that’s history about which I can do absolutely nothing but learn from. What excites and empowers me are the years remaining in my Era! Especially my productive and vital 15 to 20 years. It's during only these years that I can optimize my life experience and accomplish the goals that I want to be a part of MY life well lived! Now for the really great news! Except for the ONE and ONLY REAL limit I face in life - my Era - everything else is unlimited! Opportunities. Possibilities. Everything! That means I can have, do, be, and experience anything that I can set as a clear goal to achieve, with a deadline for accomplishment within my Era (translated - most likely before 2038). Now that is empowering isn’t it! The most valuable skill in shaping the life experience (reality) you truly desire, is the ability to set and achieve Life-Transforming Goals (LTGs), and these goals can only be achieved if you break out of the box of limited thinking that has resulted in the reality you are experiencing right now, today!

That’s because it’s only by accomplishing such goals that you can be most certain of creating the balanced, rewarding, and fulfilling life experience, in all 8 areas of life, that you desire... 1. Spiritual, 2. Fitness & Health, 3. Self-Improvement, 4. Relationships, 5. Vocation (work / career / business), 6. Financial, 7. Lifestyle, and 8. Re-Creation. Let me make this a little more concrete. The picture of me in this post was taken on March 30th of this year at the wedding of the son of one of my best friends - that's me with the beautiful mother of the Groom! I think you’ll agree that I do not look 60 in that picture! 

But that didn’t happen by chance. It represents the achievement of an LTG in the Fitness & Health AoL (Area of Life) - Fit & Healthy @ 60! By the way, the Fitness & Health AoL is foundational and essential for achieving a life well lived. This is because it is only with the stamina enabled through being fit and healthy can your Era be maximized, and your life-experience possibilities in every other AoL, except Spiritual be maximized. Let me ask you a question, do you have a written LTG with a deadline for your Fitness & Health? Think about this for a while... If this post touched a nerve in you why not share it with others in your circle?

To share your reaction, and to find out how you can learn more about this truth and supercharge your LTG Achievement engine to set and achieve the LTGs that will shape your reality into the form of your dreams, scroll to the bottom of this page and join my “Life Transformation Tribe”. 

I’ll add you to my mailing list and you will be notified of the next FREE Breaking Out of Your 📦 Webinar! Once notified, register and attend! You see, if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done! 

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