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The Word for 2018 is "Amazing"

The Word for 2018 is “Amazing”

Click to enjoy this short video from 2005 - "Change Your Words and Change Your Reality"

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to do and have “amazing” things and people in their lives and others don’t? Want to know why that is? The answer is simple - some people “think” amazing thoughts while others don’t. And since thoughts are the blueprints for reality, the amazing thoughts of some people manifest in their lives through the actions they take in response to those amazing thoughts!

Here’s the sequence:

  1. Thoughts are Word Pictures

  2. Words are the seeds of our Actions

  3. Actions create our Reality (or Results)

Now let’s take this one step further… We must keep in mind that we think in Word Pictures (WPs). A WP is really a “thought form structure”, or blueprint of a “physical form reality” yet to be manifested (something that will appear in the future). So, if amazing thought form structures lead to amazing physical form realities in a person’s life, then it must follow that a person’s words created their reality.

Well, that’s something to think about isn’t it – Your Words Create Your Reality – period, end of sentence! Change your words, and change your reality!

Ah ha! Now we are getting somewhere... If you want to have amazing experiences in 2018, you’ve got to change your words – your internal self-conversation – your thought form structures - first. If you fail to do this, you will keep on thinking thoughts that are the blueprints for the less than amazing reality you experienced in 2017. In other words, thinking the same un-amazing thoughts repeatedly will lead to the same unamazing results that you have now, and will continue to experience in 2018…

Donald Trump is President and try as many have it seems impossible to change that fact. Yet many people have spent valuable hours thinking about this very thing instead of thinking about how they might change their words, their “thought form structures” and thereby their actions to create amazing results in their lives that take advantage of the strong economic climate that Donald Trump’s presidency seems to be reinforcing. And by the way, that climate is not going to last forever! So, there is urgency to capitalize on it.

So... if you want to make 2018 a truly "amazing" year for yourself I suggest that you start now by changing your words, thoughts, and actions! A great way to do that is by clicking here to register for our FREE - Life Transformation Through Goal Achievement Webinar - Breaking Out (of your Box) Live - 2018.

To learn more about our Life Transformation Through Goal Achievement One on One Coaching Program click here.

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