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Belief in Yourself is Magic!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Have you ever climbed a mountain? Doubted that you could make it to the top? But somehow, some way, you summoned the strength and courage to keep climbing, keep striving, in spite of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that was almost overwhelming. Then you reached the summit. What did you see? Was it worth it, the view? Was it worth the overcoming of yourself to achieve that goal, to reach the top and behold the beautiful vista?

You see, the mountain wasn’t the challenge, the challenge was you. The hard work wasn’t the physical climb, it was the climb in your mind, getting over the dangerous and jagged rocks of fear, uncertainty and doubt. You first had to reach the summit of your mind, the high place of belief. Once you were able to do that the rest was a piece of cake!

I can’t imagine what it has taken for you to get to the physical place that you were in pre-pandemic, to have sacrificed everything you held dear to achieve it even as a global pandemic descended upon you, threatening to wash it all away. But I do know this.... You made it to that summit. And if you keep climbing you will do it again. Why? Because it’s not the destination that makes you stronger and better, it’s the climb!

In this pandemic what will set you apart is your ability to see with vision, to love with passion, to strive for something bigger and better than what you can “see” right in front of your face. To believe that you will achieve it. And to make a start at it!

You’ve never been to most of the physical places you that you see and desire in your mind’s eye, but you will get there if you keep believing, and putting action behind your belief... yes, even in the midst of the pandemic! Its the only way. Everyone starts right where they are, with what they already have, and who they already know to accomplish anything they believe they can!

When you say “I want to go..., do..., be..., have...” and you believe it, it’s magic!

Keep saying it until it becomes “I will go...” Then keep striving and overcoming until you can say “I am here...” and smile... take in the beautiful vista.

I know you can do it, you already have if you have overcome yourself enough to believe you can. Trust that belief and let it guide you.

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