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Eight Areas of Life

Eight Areas of Life

  1. Spiritual

  2. Fitness and Health

  3. Self-Improvement (Programming your Mind)

  4. Relationships

  5. Vocation (work, career, business)

  6. Financial

  7. Lifestyle

  8. Recreation

Life is a synchronized swim… Every moment of every day that we are alive we are living life in all 8 areas concurrently. By that I mean to say that your spirituality for example, is always with you along with your fitness and present state of health. Your mental programming is also always with you, along with the state of all your relationships.

Further, can you name the person that doesn’t give a single thought to their job or work while on a date, or reading a book, or on vacation, or at school? Even more so who is the person whose financial realities are not ever present as they pay the bills that sustain their lifestyle, or while they are driving in their car that needs repair or replacement?

You see, life is always a series of concurrent and overlapping realities (I will address the truth about overlapping or concurrent realities in a subsequent post). But most people don’t realize this. They go merrily through life pigeonholed in one or two areas of life, neglecting the other areas until a crisis arises, sound familiar? And when things fall apart in the areas of focus, so does their life. In fact, some people, upon loosing a coveted job or career, or experiencing financial catastrophe, or loosing an important love relationship or loved one, or failing in pursuit of a college degree - having very little balance in life to sustain them - see no hope for the future and sadly attempt to end it all...

Well, I am here to tell you that there really is a better way to live, to maximize your life experience, to live your life to the fullest! And there is never going to be a better time than right now to snap yourself into a new reality and begin the journey to true happiness through balanced life goal achievement. You see, happiness is not overrated, it is everything! And you can be happy, it is God’s intended state for your life!

The Truth About Limits

Do you know what the one true limit in life is? I will give you a hint… it has something to do with your birthday 😊.

Here it is. The only true limit you face in life is the length of your life itself, the boundaries of your habitation on planet earth - your era.

Look at it this way, if you take your birth year and add 100 to it you will find what will most likely be the year by which your era will naturally end, if not sooner! Another way to confirm this is to think about age at which your oldest dead bloodline relative died. Hmmm... Kind of sobering isn’t it?

Let’s use me for example… I was born in 1958. Adding 100 to my birth year we find that my era will almost certainly be over by 2058. My oldest (known to me) dead relative was my grandfather who died at the age of 92. My mother died at the age of 86, and my father died at the age of 76. This year I turn 62. Using 2058 as the target year and these three relatives my remaining years look something like this:

Years left to live = 100-year target – current age = years left to live

100 Year Target: 100 – 62 = 38 years left to live

Grandfather: 92 – 62 = 30 years left to live

Mother: 86 – 62 = 24 years left to live

Father: 76 – 62 = 14 years left to live

To add a further dose of reality click this link. Once there scroll down to the table that shows United States Life Expectancy at Birth starting in 1960. Using that year as my base the graph shows life expectancy of 69.9 years for yours truely!

But let me assure you I am working to beat that statistic! The picture at the top of this post was taken on January 6th, 2020 at 5:30am. It shows the result of my perpetual goal in the Fitness and Health area of life – “Regenerate 38”, lol. One thing is for sure, while you can debate whether I look 38, but I think you will agree that I don’t look anything like most people my age, almost 62! More about that in a subsequent post.

Now for some good news! Outside of the only true limit we face, all other limits are man-made, self-imposed, and false. This means you can be, do, possess, or experience anything you desire in any area of life, but only if you learn and follow the principles of setting and achieving life-transforming goals!

Let me summarize… So far, I’ve established that:

  1. Life is lived in a series of 8 areas (or concurrent realities)

  2. Happiness is not overrated

  3. The best way to live a truly happy life is through balanced life goal achievement

  4. There is only one true limit in life – the length of your life itself – your era

  5. Therefore, starting at birth, and contrary to popular belief, your time here on earth is limited

  6. You can find exactly how much time you may have left to live by adding 100 to your birth year, and making note of that year, then simply subtracting your current age from that year to get the answer. A few additional calculations as shown above will sharpen that truth for you.

  7. Beyond the boundaries of your habitation possibilities and opportunities are limitless.

One final thought. Of all 8 areas of life I believe the top 3 are: 1. Spiritual, 2. Fitness & Health, and 3: Self-Improvement. The spiritual area provides your true north. Without good Fitness & Health the rest of your life will be severely compromised. And Finally, Self-Improvement (reprogramming your mind) is the key to success in the remaining 5 areas of life!


Did you know that everyone gets the same amount of time each minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade?

  1. Minute – 60 seconds

  2. Hour – 60 minutes

  3. Day – 24 hours

  4. Week – 7 days or 168 hours

You get the picture. Let me show you the broken way that most people think about time, which by the way IS your life! Have you ever said to yourself, if I had more time I would lose weight, finish my college degree, or learn to play the piano? Do you see the impossibility in these statements?

With that frame of thought those realities will never manifest in your life. That’s because the truth is that you will never have more time – it is a fallacy, a physical impossibility. In fact, you can’t even buy more time. The truth is you can exchange time for money, but you can’t exchange money for time…

When you look around and see people that have accomplished the things that you would accomplish if you only had more time, what do you think? You probably think they are lucky, or that they somehow had more time to do it than you do. The truth is you both had the same amount of time. Why they accomplished the goal and you did not is that they prioritized the investment of their time while you simply spent yours complaining, wishing, hoping, dreaming, longing. Then you went to sleep only to awaken the next day and do it all again… Ouch!

Let me tell you something… time is your most valuable, perishable, and depletable asset. Invest it wisely and you will create a happy life. Spend it unwisely and your life will end in shipwreck.

In his now famous book “How to Live on 24 hrs a Day” originally published in 1910 (110 years ago), Arnold Bennett explains how to optimize the investment of your daily allocation of 24 hours to create the future life you dream of living. I strongly recommend that you click here to order it on right now. Don’t just purchase the book, read it!

Let me close with this. The decade of the 2020’s holds remarkable promise for a life experience beyond your wildest dreams, but only if you change the way you think, change the words you use when you talk to yourself. You can create that life if you develop the habit of looking into the future and capturing the desires of your heart, building a plan of action to materialize your desires stated as goals with a deadline for achievement!

As you think about the 8 areas of life mentioned at the outset of this post, take each one and imagine that the date is January 10, 2026, 5 years from today. Then describe what you want your life to be like in each area of life on that date. Some areas will be easier that others to articulate a five-year future vision. But do the work. I promise you it will be worth it!

For more information on learning how to set and achieve goals that will enable you to shape your future reality in the form of your desires in the decade of the 2020's feel free to contact me using the “Contact Us” form below. And don’t forget to register and attend the upcoming free Breaking Out of Your Box 2020! Webinar. I promise you will be glad you did!

Finally, if this post resonated with you I urge you to copy and forward the URL above to three people in your life that you know will benefit from reading it! Why only three people? It’s just simple math that always works. You see, it’s like 1,2,3, or more importantly 1+2=3. Hmmm…. It always produces the right answer.


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