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Disciplining Your Mind is Like Potty Training Your Dog... Part III (Final Installment)

“Your Mind is the computer that, through the desire-discipline-will relationship with your Soul (as Programmer), can be re-programmed to produce different output (a new reality).”

This is the key point of this post… the reason why you can transform your life in any way or direction you “desire. This is done by envisioning a future-state reality, setting a goal to achieve it by a date that is within your Era, embracing the natural laws of goal achievement, planning the journey, and beginning it, and persisting until it is finished.

Let me repeat… “This is the key point of this post… the reason why you can transform your life in any way or direction you “desire”.

But, in order to succeed with goal achievement, you must first change the way you think, change the programs that are loading and running everyday in the computer of your Mind, creating the output of your current reality - the reality that you are trying to escape. YOU and only the "I" in YOU can and must “reprogram” YOUR mental computer.

To be perfectly clear, your Soul must drive and control the reprogramming task if you are to experience the life you dream of living - before you die (remember - you have an ERA - birth date plus 100!) There is no ambiguity here. You are not going to live forever...


Now, let’s discuss your current programming and where it came from. First and most importantly, your Mind, which controls your entire reality 24hr per day / 7 days a week / 365 days per year, was not programmed by the “I” in You (refer to the slide that accompanies this post series). You see, your Soul is the "I" in you, your life essence - You, the real, authentic self. Let this sink in for a moment... It is where vision and passion and desire reside.


Note: I explain this in detail in my "Breaking Out of Your Box Live" - free webinar. To be sure you don't miss the next one Join the Tribe by registering on this page for my mailing list. Invitations will be sent soon for the July event! You don't want to miss it!


It should also be noted that your mental “programs” automatically load every single day. They are your habits, the things you say, think, and do without even thinking… They are the mental “box” in which you are living your life today.

That’s the scary part – without even thinking… You smoke, without even thinking (and get lung disease), you eat without even thinking (and become obese) , do drugs without even thinking (and destroy your life), you tell yourself that society is against you without even thinking (and fail to achieve your greatness), you perpetuate a dysfunctional, abusive relationship that your Soul wants out of without even thinking (allowing yourself to be beat down)… In other words, you are trapped in a limited thought-framed “box”, programmed into your Mind by someone other than you! 😳😳😳

It gets worse - the people who programmed your Mind were most likely operating on programming (a box) programed into their Minds by people other than themselves, people who’s Minds were programmed by yet other people who’s Minds were so programmed by others. You get the picture! It is the reason why we still deal with racism today… I call this principal “Trans-generational Boxation”.

So this leads us to one of the fundamental principles for goal achievement… “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done! You've got to break out!

This is mandatory because doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, will not lead you to something you’ve never had – it will keep you stuck with what you’ve already got!”

You’ve got to Break Out of Your Box! To learn more about just how to make that great escape before it is too late, join my LTS Tribe by registering on this page. By doing so you will receive announcements for my free webinars at which I teach basic principles of Life Transforming Goal Achievement!

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