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Disciplining Your Mind is Like Potty Training Your Dog... Part II

Note: If this your first time reading my blog, please scroll down and read Part I of this subject first for context... 😊

In my last post I reviewed the concept of a person being comprised of Soul, Mind, and Body in detail. Then I illustrated the fact that the Soul is Part of God Himself, the “breath of life” which is the life-source in man, and where vision, passion, and desire confluence. I also introduced the relationship between the Soul and the Mind.... Desire-Discipline-Will. Understanding this relationship, and how to recalibrate it is essential if you are going to reshape your reality (life experience) through goal achievement. In that post I also drew the following equivalencies: 1. Soul to Programmer 2. Mind to Computer 3. Body to Printer (or other output device) Now I’d like to Snap You Into A New Reality!

A computer can only produce the output that it was programmed to produce, no thing more or no thing less. Unless, and until, it is re-programmed, it will keep producing the same type of output until it dies (when the electricity is removed), period. The output of the computer (reality that you can see, touch, and feel) comes out of the printer as the result of mechanical activity. In this production of output the printer is slave to the computer, which is master, and passes precise instructions on exactly which movements or actions to take to materialize the pattern that has been created in the computer’s memory, that is to turn the internal thought-form structure into an external physical-form reality. What’s interesting here is that the computer has nothing to do with how it is programmed. That is entirely up to the programmer, and reflects the vision, passion, and desire of the programmer. Hmmm... Let me ask you a question - Who has been the programmer of your mind? That leads me to this summary... Your Mind is the computer that through desire-discipline-will your Soul, as Programmer, can re-program to produce different output. Tired of being an accountant? Have the vision, passion, and desire strong enough to become a real estate investor by a certain date? Then exercise the desire-discipline-will relationship to force your Mind to enroll your Body in real estate school and you will reshape your future reality. You see, since the Body is slave to the Mind, once you recalibrate the relationship between the Soul and Mind (desire-discipline-will), the rest of your transformation will be a piece of cake!

To be continued... Copyright Toletum Solutions Group, 2018 All Rights Reserved

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