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Disciplining Your Mind is Like Potty Training Your Dog... Part I

Welcome back! This is Part I of a multi-part post. In my last post I reviewed the concept of a person being comprised of Soul, Mind, and Body. But before I get into the substance of this post, I want to get something out of the way. I believe in creation and the creation account of how man came to be, so this design of man holds water for me. The other thing I want to be clear about is that I am not a Pastor, nor have I been trained as one. How I came by the insights that I am going to share with you is through a lifetime of personal study, trial, error, and refinement. By the way, my study has included a wide variety of spiritual and secular authors, and philosophers dating from biblical times to the present with significant concentration on the last 250 years.

Let’s begin. I am going to use the slide above to illustrate this framework. The Soul is the seat of Desire. Desire is where Passion, Vision, and Purpose intersect in man. Since the Soul is the life-force in man, breathed into him by God Himself at creation, then it is actually God in you!

Let’s continue... the Mind, which is a part of “man formed from the dust of the ground - “Mind and Body” - is lower than the Soul. Like a computer is useless (inanimate) until electricity is added to energize and animate it, so too is man (Mind and Body) inanimate until the “breath of life” that is the very essence of God Himself, is added.

Now the Mind, like the computer, requires programming in order to produce output. Like programming a computer requires a skilled programmer, so too does the Mind.

In order for the computer to be programmable, it needs an operating system (usually installed by the manufacturer). The operating system is pre-programmed to handle all of the “life maintenance functions” necessary to make the computer ready to receive programming instructions from the programmer who is someone external to the computer itself.

Now the same is true for you and me. The operating system in man comes installed by our creator (God) at birth. The operating system of man handles all the functions required to sustain life which enables the Mind to be programmed by some third party (don’t worry, I’m going to address this “third party” in a subsequent post)...

The relationship between the Soul and Mind is illustrated in the slide above - Desire-Discipline-Will. This relationship is, or should be, driven by the Soul, and in the Goal Achiever that’s exactly how things work!

I think I’m going to stop here for today. I will continue this post in Tuesday’s installment of my Blog. In the meantime, let this information move around in your Soul.

Newsflash: I am not speaking to your Mind in this post. In fact, your Mind, which is busy running a bunch of programs that your Soul had nothing to do with writing and installing in it, is probably struggling with this message.

My Mind is only following the instructions of my Soul to share this information with you - that is your Soul. And my Body is following the instructions of my Mind to produce the output of this blog. That said, this is actually a Soul to Soul conversation! Hmmm....

As always I welcome your comments, questions, and feedback. Use the Contact Us form on this page to share them with me.

To be continued tomorrow...

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