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Reality Shaping...

Did you know that there are an unlimited number of concurrent or parallel realities available to every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth at any given moment in time? It’s true! Further, the reality you are experiencing in any area of life right now was created by you, and no one else but you...

Newsflash: You are responsible for everything in your life - good, bad, and ugly. 

What do I mean by this? Its 5:20 am in Houston TX where I live as I am posting this blog. I’m in Central Daylight Time at the moment. I’m here in Houston by choice. I chose to move to Houston several years ago. I chose to be home this weekend. But what if I had chosen yesterday to fly to Paris? What alternative reality would I be experiencing right now in this very same moment in time? 

If I were in Paris in this very same moment in time it would be 12:20 pm and I’d probably be having lunch with my good friend Manny at Cafe George V at 120 Av. des Champs-Élysées (I love that place). We’d be having a very interesting conversation about life and politics while people watching. I’d be dressed differently for obvious reasons, not the least of which is that the temperature in Paris at this moment is 67 on the way to 70, but here in Houston its 75 on the way to 87! 

What is important to grasp from this example is that I am talking about the exact same absolute moment in time, seperated only by space...

What determined my current reality were the choices I made in the past, when the past was the present. I chose to be in Houston this weekend, but I could have easily chosen to fly to Paris. Hmmm. 

And so it goes with every reality in your life. At any given moment in every area of life you experience a reality created by personal choice. Your personal choice is an internal thought-based structure. Thought-based structures are comprised of words. So your words create your reality..

In my last post “To Think or not to Think...” I introduced the idea that sustained, consecutive, and focused thought is necessary to set life transforming goals. But what do you focus your thinking process on? Your vision of the desired outcome. 

In other words, if my vision is to have lunch with Manny at George V in Paris, I have to set a date in the future and work backward from that date to plan the activities necessary to manifest that thought-form-reality in physical-form.

To summarize:

- The roots of my current reality, in every area of life, were set in the past by me (when the past was the present), by my words, thoughts, and actions. 

- This means that if I don’t like my current reality in any area of life I can change it by setting a goal NOW to opt into a different reality in the future by a certain date, then by changing my words, thoughts, and actions. 

- Only in this way can I shape my reality. But, I can only do this while there is time left in my Era (read my post - “There is Urgency...” to learn more about your Era). My Era is the only true limit I face in life. Everything else is unlimited possibilities and opportunities! 

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