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Parallel Lines
Passionate About Helping People Get
To Where They Want To Go In Life

 I am the articulator of the “Boxes” Philosophy, and creator of the Boxes Life Transformation Through Goal Achievement Coaching Program. I am a self-made inspirational, motivational, speaker, teacher, blogger, and coach in the truest sense, but then, is there any other kind?  “Bold”, “resilient”, “inspiring”, and “visionary”.

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What a Life-Transforming Goal Achieved Looks Like

From Inner City Kid to Award-Winning Founder & CEO...
The Denver Post March 28, 1999 

"Four minority-owned companies with projected sales for 1999 ranging from $4 million to $30 million are (finalist) competing to be named minority business of the year, an award sponsored by The Denver Post and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Each is profiled here by Denver Post small-business writer Robert Schwab. The award will be one of three given to small businesses at the chamber's annual Business Awards Luncheon, scheduled Thursday at the Colorado Convention Center. Jean-Michel Cousteau, the son of ocean pioneer Jacques Cousteau, will give the keynote speech. 


Mark I. Johnson had almost put away his dream of starting a business (January 1994) in favor of having a child when he was offered $1,000 a day to keep the dream alive. Suffice it to say, the business, InER-G Solutions Ltd., was born. So was the child. 


Today (March 28 1999), InER-G is projecting $4.2 million in sales for 1999 after posting $2 million in 1998. In 1997, the company was named Source of the Year by Sears, Roebuck and Co (out of 10,000 suppliers). Its client list, which includes US West, looks like the names could have been taken from a stock index: Sears, GTE, Sara Lee, London Electric, Discovery and the Learning Channel..."


It was during his time as Founder and CEO of InER-G Solutions, Ltd. in the late 1990s, that Mr. Johnson began receiving requests from
InER-G's technology clients to deliver motivational content related to goal setting and achievement. Through this he was asked to provide goal achievement coaching to a fellow business professional which led him to realize that his true passion was helping people achieve life-transforming goals – as he likes to say (to get to where they want to go in life)." 

Today, Mr. Johnson is creator of the breakthrough motivational seminar “Boxes” through which he introduces people to what it takes to break out of the limiting thought-frame box in which they live to begin setting and achieving goals that will shape their life reality in the form of their dreams  – while there is still time. “Boxes” is a series of five seminars that address the following topics: 

  1. Changing the Way You Think “Breaking Out  – The Foundation for Setting and Achieving Life Transforming Goals”.

  2. The “Science of Goal Achievement” and how it will enable you to set and achieve transformational personal and professional goals. 

  3. The “Mechanics of Goal Achievement” showing you exactly how to set and achieve transformational goals.

  4. The “Financial Framework for Life” to understand your personal value and how to fund your life. 

  5. The Capstone – “Becoming Great” to help you understand the principles of making lasting contributions to the lives of others. 


A Master Coach in the “Boxes” philosophy Mr. Johnson has personally coached numerous individuals who have achieved phenomenal transformations in their personal and professional lives by applying the principles of his philosophy.  

In addition to teaching the “Boxes” series, Mr. Johnson delivers customized corporate and organizational key note addresses and workshops on topics related to peak personal and organizational performance “out of the box” through goal setting and achievement.  He is also authoring a book based on his “Boxes” philosophy.  

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