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Life Transformation Through Goal Achievement 

A Comprehensive Goal Achievement Coaching Program

  • Self-Assessment & Life Inventory 

  • Life Vision

  • Balanced Life Goal Setting

  • Action Planning

The Boxes Life Transformation 120-Day Coach Supported Program is a 16-week program guaranteed to help you produce break-through transformation in every area of your life that will enable you to design, and begin living the life you dream of living within 6 short weeks! Finally, there is a way to virtually guarantee achievement of your life-transforming goals.

This program works because it embraces universal natural laws that accelerate goal achievement. You see, when you invest your time in a focused way framed by your clearly defined, deadline-driven, life-transforming goals you cannot fail to move your life in the direction of your life vision.
The Boxes Philosophy recognizes that everything ever created was first imagined in thought-form, then manifested in physical form through cause and effect. This includes the daily reality of your life! This means that if you have a constructive discontent with things the way they are in any area of your present reality, you can change it by changing the thought-form structures (causes) through which you have been sustaining it on a daily basis.

​Using the framework and tools we teach you will be able to break-out of the limiting thought-form box of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt that has been holding you back. When you do you will be able to access your full potential to create the life you dream of living, starting where you are today, with what you already have, and who you already know! 

​This program works where others fail because it embraces natural laws and the following proven formula, which means that if you do the work, it will create consistent results for you.  

Result = Intention + Method
Result is equal to 100%, Intention 99%, and Method 1%. 

Success with this program requires commitment and accountability between you and your coach. This bi-directional commitment is captured in the form of a contract between you and your coach prior to the start of your program. We are so confident about the results achievable with this program that we offer a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee at the end of the 3rd, but before the 4th of 6 coaching sessions (we call this the "point of no return").

Want to sample our content?  Click here to view a short 45 minute on-demand recorded webinar:

Invest Your Time and Make Your Life Amazing!

Adult Coaching Program Overview  

1.     ​Personalized On-Line Coaching Account for you and your Coach

2.     Six (6) face to face / web conference, 2-hour one-on-one coaching sessions with your

3.     Five teaching modules delivered as live webinars, in-person seminars, or on demand

4.     Several required book readings as determined by your Coach

5.     Your dedication, trust, belief in yourself, honesty, transparency, and hard work! 


If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. If you want to learn more contact us using the form below.

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