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It's January 2020!

Wow, We are here!

Did you realize that this is the dawning of the 3rd decade of the 21st century, not just another year? This is sunrise on the next ten years of your life! Let that sink in for a moment... Let me ask you to think about something - what do you want to bring into your life during this new decade?

This post is the first in a series of new decade blog posts and trust me, you’re not going to want to miss any of them!

2020 is also the 100th year anniversary of the dawning of the roaring 20s (1920-1929). The roaring 20s was a decade of unparalleled knowledge expansion, growth, and transformation in almost every aspect of life in western society. Click here to learn more about how this period fundamentally influenced the course of history -

Like the year 1920, the year 2020 is poised to usher in a very transformative 10-year period. During the roaring 20's of the last century the Industrial Revolution reached full stride and was the catalyst of transformation. Now, during the 2020s the digital revolution (fueled by innovations like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, the internet of things - IoT, wireless mobile smart-phones & wearables, virtual/augmented reality, and social media) is the engine that will change everything! Built on the foundation of the last 50 years of digital innovation, life as we know it will be fundamentally altered in profound ways by what takes shape during the next ten years on the digital landscape.... Click here to learn about the most fundamental digital technology advances of the last decade...

As you ponder question I posed earlier in this post, use this this frame to organize your thinking:

Eight Areas of Life

  1. Spiritual

  2. Fitness and Health

  3. Self Improvement (Programming your Mind)

  4. Relationships

  5. Vocation (work, career, business)

  6. Financial

  7. Lifestyle

  8. Recreation

But I don't want you to just think about your future reality, I want you to take one more step... write down what you want to manifest in each of the 8 areas. I recommend that you purchase a set of 3 by 5 index cards for this exercise, and create one card for each area of life. If you really want to be bold, add a target date - month, day, year - that you desire to materialize the desired manifestation.


In the posts that follow I will share some valuable insight into making the most of the next 10 years of your life. You see, the secret is that “TIME” IS your life! So you can't afford to waste it...

Let me close with something personal... One of my goals for the end of 2019 was to bring into my life several new associations that would come with me into the decade ahead as the knowledge expansion journey continues. Through a series of decisions and choices I ended up having drinks and dinner with someone I met earlier this year with whom I share a strong connection and desire to have as a part of my life for the long term. As we sat dining at the bar we ended up engaging in a serendipitous conversation with two ladies dining next to us. It turned out to be a divine appointment for us all... That dinner on New Years Eve set in motion transformative forces that will bless all four of us in this new decade - mission accomplished!

Watch for the next post in this series, and as always please share the link to this post with at least three people in your universe that you believe it is a "must-read" for.

Happy New Year, no strike that, New Decade!

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This webinar will provoke your thinking and open the door to the possibility of fundamentally reshaping the form of your future life experience through goal achievement. This is essential knowledge for every person that has a constructive discontent with things the way they are in their life today - if you are that person this webinar is the catalyst you've been looking for!

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